Fork is just a project, like any other on the site. It started with a few questions, a simple idea, and a "let's try this". No investors, no big brand clients, just a "what if" idea, and some excitement to build something you really care about.

Why #Fork?

About five months ago, I wanted to learn programming, and I was searching all over the web "how to". There are tons of informations out there, in blogs, in books, Q&A sites, in tutorial videos, online courses. Well, Google has it all, right? Basically it's all there. It's great! But it was really hard to get an overview. Where to start? What do I really need to learn? Which languages should I learn? Dozens of questions.
And if you invest time you will find answers, but it's a lot of work to filter the valuable parts. That's where it get's a little bit frustrating and often that's this dangerous place where you stop, before you even really started. But there have to be hundreds, well thousands of people who stood on the exact same place than me, trying to write the first line of code. They already did all this research, curated a great set of informations and tools. Many of them developed after many tries and errors great workflows and processes to solve the hard parts.

But how did they do it?
Is there a site, that is focused on how things were done?
A site, where I can find all the things I need to get started? And at this moment I was not just thinking about programming any more, but about all kinds of projects.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place, where people shared how they did certain things? How they learned programming, how they found their dream home, how they learned to speak 3 languages in less than a year, how they opened their own coffeeshop, how they managed to travel for a year without losing their job?

We all know this feeling of having this idea and not knowing how to get there.

People are doing all this great stuff. Wouldn’t it be great to use their experiences, research, process, tools, hacks to start your own project? What if you could fork their project and develop on top of their foundation your own ideas and share them yourself?
Wouldn’t it be great while doing a certain project, to get feedback, to get support, to connect to people who are doing the same thing like you?
Building such a place sounds like a crazy idea, right? A megalomaniac idea for sure. But what can we loose?

What is #Fork?

It's a place that is dedicated to doing. A place that is focused on „How“. A place about your projects. A community of people who do great things, who help each other out.

A place to find all the information and the right people to get things started, to achieve your goals, to change things, to finish your projects. We all have great projects on our list. Let’s do them.

Where does this all go?

We don’t now yet, but we think it’s worth experimenting.
Right now #Fork is still in a kind of an Alpha Version state, where as a developer you feel still a little bit embarrassed to show it to the world, because some things are still a little bit bumpy and important features are still missing. But in order to build a great product you have to release it as fast a possible to get the important Feedback of you guys.

We don’t run this idea. You do. We are very excited to see, what you will do with it. If you have any ideas or suggestions how we could make #Fork a better place, please let us know.

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